Industrial WRT Equipment

Sigma Electronic provides industrial companies with their exclusive expertise and knowledge in water-resistance testing technology, technical consultancy, conceptual advice for test equipment and customized solutions to be incorporated in their own Quality Control testing chain.

With 35 years of expertise in the field of water-resistance testing equipment for the watch industry, Sigma Electronic owns a unique, exceptional and specialized know-how in this field, which is unmatched across the globe.

It was more than 30 years ago when the company designed and developed its first multi-channel high-capacity production test equipment for one of the biggest Swiss watchmaker company, followed shortly after by a full range of production test equipment for the watch industry.

In the 1990’s Sigma Electronic was approached by a Swiss leading supplier of automotive parts to design and develop the first custom-tailored test equipment outside the watchmaker industry. As incredible as it may sound, this very equipment is still doing its job today! Ever since Sigma Electronic has produced several customized test machines and our clients don’t hesitate to draw on company’s expertise whenever consultancy and assistance is required.

WRT Industrial

circuit-board5Mastering several water-resistance testing methods, from the commonly used deformation to several proprietary and sophisticated volumetric measuring principles, the equipment is designed to cater for any type of products and for any volumes of production, from small to mainstream mass production.

Especially in the water-resistance testing field, in which no specific industrial standards exist, customers may struggle in clearly specifying their own requirements in terms of water-resistance standard. Sigma Electronic’s exclusive expertise and knowledge are the key assets that will successfully carry forward customers’ own development projects.

No matter the requirements, whether the desired product should be perspiration resistant, low water or liquid level waterproof, deep sea water-resistant, IP standards resistant, DIN or ISO automotive resistance standards or even resistant to heavy duty or harsh environments, Sigma Electronic provides industrial customers with invaluable expertise that will fulfill all their needs and expectations.

Sigma Electronic is focused on state-of-the-art water-resistance testing equipment and therefore will not hesitate to involve specialized partners for any parts of a project that may require particular knowledge not available in-house.

As a result, our customers will always benefit of the best designed product, developed in the shortest time possible, with the lowest development and material costs, all for their greater satisfaction.

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