Water-Resistance Tester SM-8850 series

Since its first issue, the Water-Resistance Tester SM-8850 series has undergone continuous improvements and enhancements. With its state-of-the-art advanced technology, the latest version includes important new features and functionality.  

Similar in user-friendliness as its worldwide recognized and adopted predecessor, it comes with a significant increase in performance among many other advantages. The SM-8850/10 instrument allows to test watches at pressures ranging from -0.75 to 10 bar, respectively to 20 bar for the SM-8850/20, 30 bar for the SM-8850/30 and 50 bar for the SM-8850/50.

This series of test instruments is optimized for very high pressure testing. The new pressuring chamber is designed to withstand pressures in excess of 100 bar and to cater for very big sized watch-cases and even diving watches of a thickness of up to 35 mm, a width of 65 to 79 mm and a length of 78 to 104 mm. This extension in test object size was created without increasing the internal chamber volume: with less than 0.5 litre of volume, the pressuring chamber features a reduction of more than 15% compared to its predecessor, and more than 60% compared to other competitors, allowing shorter test cycles and lesser air consumption, especially for high pressure tests.

A new front locking system with safeguard, along with a redesigned compact side lock for the high pressure versions ensures a safer operation of the device.


The newly designed sensor head is made out of a special metal alloy to achieve ultra-stable and unparalleled performance; even extremely stiff watch-cases can be reliably tested at very low pressure. Combined with a new, fast and very high-precision 18 bits data acquisition system, the state-of-the-art electronic circuit board complies with the latest and strongest CE regulation (European regulation) and features an environmental friendly lead free design (RoHS conform).

All models come with an printer interface. Please check our recommended models,which have been tested to work perfectly with our Water-Restistance Testers.

The produced printout with the test results can be handed out to your customers. As a new service, the printout can be customized with your company logo and information.

Features common to all SM-8850 models:
  • Fits watch-case width of 65 to 79 mm
  • Fits watch-case length of 78 to 104 mm
  • Fits watch-case thickness of 25 mm, expandable to 35 mm
  • Fits watch height with stiff bracelet of Ø 81 mm
  • Completely safe device operation and testing
  • Safe phased pressure exhaust for leaking watches
  • Automatic test start when chamber is closed
  • Automatic pressuring chamber leak test
  • Motor-driven automatic watch positioning sensor head
  • Automatic chamber locking system with safeguard
  • Upon power loss, air is exhausted and chamber unlocked

… and 
  • Additional side locking system for high pressure version
  • Extremely simple operation and intuitive programming
  • Multilingual, clear text menu-driven user interface
  • 10 programmable single or double tests (factory preset)
  • Printer interface with customer logos printout capability
  • Integrated, internal vacuum generator
  • Integrated, external compressor control socket
  • Integrated, direct-driven compressor control socket
  • Integrated, high-pressure Booster control socket
  • Supply voltage: 90 – 270 volt AC 50/60 Hz
  • Width x Depth x Height: 210 x 310 x 220 mm

Features of SM-8850/10 model:
  • Up to 10 bar (or 100 meters)
  • Weight: 6.7 kg

Features of SM-8850/20 high-pressure model:
  • Up to 20 bar (or 200 meters)
  • Anodised aluminium alloy base plate
  • Black matt chromium plated steel alloy side locks
  • Additional side locking system
  • Integrated, high-pressure Booster control socket
  • Weight: 7.4 kg

Features of SM-8850/30 high-pressure model:
  • Up to 30 bar (or 300 meters)
  • Matt chromium plated steel alloy base plate
  • Black matt chromium plated steel alloy side locks
  • Additional side locking system
  • Integrated, high-pressure Booster control socket
  • Weight: 10.2 kg

Features of SM-8850/50 high-pressure model:
  • Up to 50 bar (or 500 meters)
  • Matt chromium plated high strength steel alloy base plate
  • Black matt chromium plated high strength steel alloy side locks
  • Pressuring chamber individually tested to 80 bar and then carefully inspected for materials’ failure
  • Separate DIN 3868 Seal less 60° nipple cone stainless steel high pressure input port
  • Delivered with 1.5 meter long stainless steel braided hose
  • Additional side locking system
  • Integrated, high-pressure Booster control socket
  • Weight: 11 kg